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20ft TLQ Offshore A60 DNV container

The temporary living quarters are easy to ship and come ready for mobilisation. The units have been designed for offshore oil and gas industry. The units are relatively light so are easily positioned on the rig. When you are looking for comfort for your staff, this will be the perfect solution.

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Easy to transport
Offshore DNV 2.7-1 / BS EN 12079
New & Used

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Type Offshore DNV container Length 20ft Volume content 32 [M3]
External dimensions 6058 x 2438 x 2591 mm [LxBxH] Internal dimensions 5896 x 2346 x 2352 mm [LxBxH] Door opening 2338 x 2253 mm [BxH]
Tare 2970 [KG] Payload 13530 [KG] Max. Weight 16500 [KG]

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