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The Benefits of Shipping Container Farms0

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The Benefits of Shipping Container Farms

20 February 2018

If you’re interested in agriculture at all, there’s a new trend you may have heard of that has been gaining traction over the past few years. It’s called shipping container farms and a few companies in the market are designing them to help with the high demand for fresh, affordable produce worldwide.

In this blog, we cover the benefits of shipping container farms and how they can be best utilised for both the consumer and the business owner.

A great cost saving measure

Container farms can play a significant role in bringing down the cost for not only farmers, but also businesses and consumers. As shipping containers are readily available, and come in a variety of sizes, the initial outlays are far less than if you were to set up traditional farmland. They also mean that local farmers can grow food closer to the markets they wish to enter, meaning the cost of transporting produce is lowered as well.

Supermarkets, restaurants and schools could invest in a shipping container farm and grow their own ingredients on site, which would cut transport costs too. The bonus of nearby fresh produce would also become a huge point of difference from other similar businesses.

The right solution for urban areas

Container farms utilise hydroponics to cultivate produce. There’s a lot of tech involved with sensors for monitoring the inside climate that can all be controlled from your smartphone.  As sunlight isn’t required, they can still be stacked, making them an easily scalable model for any businesses working in urban areas where useable farmland may be scarce.

Most interestingly, as the containers are airtight, the produce is protected from outside elements, making them the ideal solution to produce vegetables that would normally only grow in warmer months.

Final thoughts

Shipping container farms are a great idea, but they are still currently in their infancy. At present, the energy consumption level required is higher than greenhouses and other indoor farming solutions. Finding the right balance of heat can also be difficult at times, especially without the right sensors.

We still think that they’re a worthwhile investment, though. Given lowering the need to transport produce not only saves money but also helps to reduce our carbon footprint, the pros far outweigh the cons. As we continue to experiment with shipping container farms, their designs will only continue to improve.

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