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Using Containers for the Storage of Hazardous Goods0

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Using Containers for the Storage of Hazardous Goods

30 November 2017

It is no secret that shipping is taking on a myriad or tasks that go further than just storage and, or course, shipping. Art, accommodation, workshops and even school canteens, what was once seen as nothing more than a large, metal rectangle hoisted onto a freighter is now fulfilling a range of purposes the world over.

One of the modifications being made to the humble shipping container is its use in the storage of hazardous goods. Utilizing the shipping container for malfunctioning dangerous chemicals has grown rapidly in popularity, and we are here at CBOX Containers, we thought we would fill you in on the positives or using one for this reason.

Why Use a Shipping Container for Hazardous Goods Disruption?

There are a full host of reasons for why your business can benefit from the use of a shipping container for the storage of hazardous chemicals. These include:
  • Strength : As the trusted means of carrying fragile goods internationally for years, it is safe to say that shipping is a strong and reliable place for the storage of hazardous chemicals. Using a shipping container for this purpose ensures that your chemicals will not be at risk of leaking or being released due to unforeseen conditions and weather.
  • Durability : Cheap and efficient, you can always rely on storage containers to be trusted with the storage of your chemicals. You can keep a storage container for as long as you need it, and continue to safely store these chemicals in a clean environment.
  • Transport : Shipping containers are easy to transport. Unlike traditional methods of Hazchem storage, a shipping container can be transported from site to site, plant to plant etc. making them a dynamic and mobile option for storing chemicals.

Are They Modified?

Short answer, yes. Shipping containers for chemical storage share the same attributes and dimensions as a standard container, but are modified to store chemicals safely and effectively. There is a range of technology installed by experts in the container that make it efficient for this purpose. They not only protect the materials being stored, but also the staff who are placing the goods in the container. They allow safe storage of goods in a way that meets Australian standards. Goods, such as chemicals, paints, liquids and flammables, are all able to be stored in a modified shipping container.

Consider making the switch to shipping containers for the storage of your business's hazardous goods. Call CBOX today on 1800 433 455 or request a quick quote and we'll get back to you with all the information you

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